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Yip (officially Thy-Diep Ta) offers services to bring peace to the mind, to your organization, to society, and the world.

Yip's mission is to increase female participation in the blockchain ecosystem. She is CoFounder at the blockchain projects UNIT and DLT Talents.

She is a trained management consultant (ex McKinsey project lead), MBA graduate (INSEAD business school) executive coach (C-Suite leaders), mindfulness & meditation trainer (Search Inside Yourself certified, Zen Buddhist trained and Neurofeedback trained).

Her portfolio includes strategic consulting, executive coaching, and trainings, workshops, keynotes in the fields of how to do good and do well in business and society.

This includes SDG consulting, blockchain & stakeholder economy models, and mindfulness & well-being at the workplace. She designed the free 6 weeks Blockchain Onboarding Course Unit Masters.

She is the author of the coaching book "Beautiful Brains change tomorrow... today".

Have a question about my services (e.g., consulting, keynote speaking, trainings, coaching)? Send me a message and I'll be in touch shortly.

My heart is in finding solutions to help advance the United Nations 2030 Agenda, in particular Sustainable Development Goals #3 (good health and well-being) and SDG #4 (equitable access to quality education).

Any of my services build upon works by these wonderful humans from Psychology (Dan Goleman), Mindfulness in Medicine (Jon Jabat-Zinn), Mindfulness & Interpersonal Neurobiology (Dan Siegel), Social Entrepreneurship and Social Business (Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus), Civil Engagement and Peace Work (Sr Chan Khong from Plum Village), and Psychodynamic Coaching (Manfred Kets de Vries).

Yip's teachers

My topics of expertise:

I speak at conferences about "How to do good and do well in business & society", and how insights from neuroscience (brain functionality, EEG-patterns), meditation, and mindfulness can be a key ingredient for this. In 2019 I founded the Mindful Entrepreneurship Conference, to bring together change-makers from all ages and different societal groups and co-create the world we want to live in by 2030.

I've worked in more than 25 organizations and mostly worked directly for the Top Managers of these organizations, helping them navigate their businesses and aligning values, mission and vision of personal life with the company's overall direction and improve communication with stakeholders such as supervisory boards, employees, customers, investors, press in challenging situations.

Have trained more than 500 participants in different programs and from more than 30 organizations to calm their minds using methods of mindfulness meditation.

Visit my LinkedIn Profile to find client testimonials.

One of my more recent topics of exploration is the role that technology (in particular blockchain) and community can facilitate the shift from Shareholder Capitalism to Stakeholder Capitalism.

I'm a co-founder at Unit Ventures,
where we use blockchain technology, marketplaces and educational programs to bring community-driven stakeholder capitalism to live.

I co-founded the blockchain accelerator for female leaders, DLT Talents, hosted by Frankfurt School of Finance Blockchain Center, to bring more diversity into technology of the future.

If you want to learn more about Stakeholder Economy, Decentralized Finance, pls reach out anytime. Happy to share and learn!

I can assist you with following services:

  • (Online and in person) Coaching for teams to get up to speed or become more productive, creative and happy

  • (Executive Coaching) for enhanced mental clarity, reduced stress and wise decision-making

  • Tailored trainings with following content: Strategic Communications, Emotional Well-Being & Resilience (incl. Neuro-Functionality), Mindful Leadership, Sustainable Development Goals, Mindful Negotiation, Diversity & Inclusion

  • Keynote speeches on any above mentioned topics

  • Strategic Consulting, Strategic Match-Making and Strategic Communications Advisory

  • Multi-stakeholder Workshop facilitation and moderation

  • Search Inside Yourself Leadership Training (2Day program and online program)

My per diem (daily) fees range from EUR 500 to EUR 2.020 plus VAT per day of engagement depending on your status (not-for-profit vs. startup vs. corporate).

Consulting / coaching fees per session are EUR 240 + VAT for executives and EUR 80 + VAT for students.

Client Portfolio:

I work with first time leaders, wise leaders, students, mothers, fathers, in short: anyone who sees a benefit in my work. My fees will accommodate to your budget - if there is will, there is a way.

Some of the client organizations I've worked with in a role as consultant, advisor, speaker or trainer include:

  • Not for profit: Global Social Business Summit (Prof. Yunus), Enrica Amiotti Foundation for early age education (Italy), Munich City District Youth Association (Kreisjugendring München), INSEAD Alumni Association Germany (IAAG), Friedrich Ebert Foundation

  • Academia: INSEAD Business School, University of Augsburg

  • Startup, Acceleratios and Investors: Techstars, Antler VC (Nairobi), DRACOON (Regensburg), WERK1, ParcelPerform (Singapore)

  • Corporates & Consulting Firms: Allianz SE, Allianz Global Investors, McKinsey & Company, SYSTEMIQ

You can watch guided meditation recordings on my YouTube Channel:

I'm a certified trainer for the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Development Program, originally developed within Google, and now implemented across 50 countries. It's one of my favorite trainings to offer as it's very well structured, and has the sweet mix between theory (neuroscience, psychology) and practice (mindfulness exercises). Participants love this training - maybe that's an easy entry for your organization?

Yip's Podcast Appearances:

What responsibility arises from the interaction of money and technology? How fine is the line between profit and purpose? Sohaila Ouffata and Thy-Diep Ta provide the answers.

"What am I actually getting up for? What am I doing with my money, besides just optimizing the return? How can I help shape the world - with my contribution, not just as an entrepreneur, but as a financier?" (Thy-Diep Ta)

Beautiful Brains Book

In my first episode, I talk with Diep about Mindfulness and why every leader can only benefit from meditating.

Also, feel free to check out her book "Beautiful Brains - Change tomorrow today"

You can subscribe to my podcast to receive daily 3 minute guided meditations. Listen to them with headphones.

I wrote the book "Beautiful brains change tomorrow... today" that contains insights and reflection exercises for how to do good and do well in business and society. The style of the writing and its content reflects my coaching work and should give you a glimpse into the stakeholder-based ecosystem I'd like to contribute to building in this precious life on Earth.

You can find it on Amazon and in retail book stores (just ask at the front desk to order it for you).

Beautiful Brains Book

Other contributions:

  • McKinsey (2015): Bayern 2025 - neue Stärke, alter Mut

  • Journal for Insurance (2016, Vol. 67 (6): "(R)evolution of the insurance agency channel – efficiency gains through digitization along the sales funnel"

Read this Interview by Kathrin Dahm with me. We speak about transformation and the voice of the heart.

You can use these invite links if you like:

Recording "We need a Change Conference" - September 5 - Topic: Future of Economy

I spoke about how to facilitate the shift from Shareholder to Stakeholder Capitalism using technology.